Fresh welsh onion

 大 葱

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spicy of the scallion has the effects of dispelling cold and promoting digestion, eliminating phlegm, sterilization, analgesic therapy and healing, it also can be used to treat diarrhea, abdominal pain, arthritis, constipation and other symptoms. The unique spicy of scallion can stimulate gastric juice and saliva secretion, whet the appetite. The microelement selenium that scallion contains, has the function of preventing human cell from aging. The malic acid and phosphoric acid it contains can excite the nervous system and the blood circulation.

A variety of minerals and vitamins the scallion contains can promote the development of fetal tissues and organs and supply a great demand heat energy for pregnant woman. The sterilization of the scallion capsaicin can inhibit the production of nitrite, and thus have effect on cancer-prevention.

Shandong is Fresh Welsh Onion export hertland, weifang Fresh Welsh Onion exports account for 70% of the total export share. Our company exports Fresh Welsh Onion more than 20 years, mainly Janpan market. The product specifications are bulk Fresh Welsh Onion, green section, trapped Fresh Welsh Onion, etc.

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